Ceremony Rituals
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Wedding Ceremony Rituals

There are a number of Wedding Ceremony Rituals which can be added to your ceremony for that more personalised touch.

Many of these Rituals originally came from Ancient Traditions from around the world and are being performed today in our Modern world.

Take a look below to see what ritual ceremony's you might want to implement into your wedding ceremony. Your own suggestions are very welcome too. 

Handfasting Ribbon and Rope

         * Bespoke Heirloom designs from €100                                                           

  • Unity Sand Ceremony – from €30
  • Wine Box / Love Letter – from €30
  • Breaking of the Glass Ceremony – from €20
  • Wine Ceremony – from €40
  • Broom Jumping Ceremony – from €20
  • Rose Ceremony – from €20 

Fresh Roses included from florist.

We can arrange colour choice before ceremony.

Handfasting Kits are available - from €25 excl. box                             

           Contact me for more details.

  • Unity Candle – €0
  • First Kiss Last Kiss – €0
Unity Sand Ceremony

Blushing of the Wine's Ceremony Ritual