Deluxe Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree is a tradition which stems from the Netherlands and

has become very popular for weddings of late. Pardon the pun!.

The tradition originally had a bare branch or branches which were placed

near the bridal couple and each guest were given a tag in the shape

of a leaf. The guests were invited to write their well wishes on the tag and

place it on the tree, thus filling the tree with well wishes.


Today, this tradition has expanded its roots, pardon the pun.

It has been adopted in a similar light and taken the place of a Guest Book

in many cases. The Wishing Tree is generally placed in the reception area

where the wedding party will be able to access it easily.

Many couples prefer the idea of using the Wishing Tree with using tags

for well wishes or as a visual point in the banqueting room to enhance the

decor, where they are entertaining their guests.


You can go out a branch further thou. (Please excuse this pun also!).

It is a beautiful idea to display a Wishing Tree at a

Wedding Reception, Engagement Party, Baby Naming Ceremony, Baby Shower,

Family Naming Ceremony, First Holy Communion, Confirmation or even the passing of a loved one. The possibilities are endless.


A Wishing Tree gives your guests or visitors an opportunity to write their

thoughts and then have it displayed collectively with everyone that is

present on the day.

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